Monday, May 31, 2010

playlist for getting the summer together

Though it feels like mid/end of July means no summer, forget what you know. Forget that the school supplies are filling up the shelves in stores and that
It is not really forgetting is it? No because so many reminders exist that insist otherwise so that if you said to yourself "summer isn't going to end" not only would you feel overwhelmed, you'd feel foolish too. Wherever you are, I try to picture that place as a start. Not a "fresh start" but a place where I am going to begin. If you have so many options you not only pitch a fork in your road you also force cracks in even the shortest roads. So today, try to let go. Believe that because you enjoy your summer, your life, your day, that it is yours.
This little exercising in letting go is really about what you find after redefining.
This morning I felt overwhelmed with a Monday. I sat frustrated and then paced my house as I faced the things I spent the weekend trying to have "ready". I turned on my radio, and danced around in my shorts and band t-shirt from the previous summer.
I am here I said. Not to the radio DJ. Not to my mother in the kitchen below me. To no one in particular I felt like I could adventure out on whatever the rest of summer had to offer. And whatever the rest of my day can bring.

Find your own summer
suggested with these songs

Good Vibrations Beach Boys
Happy Together Turtles
Summergirls LFO
Daydream Believer Monkees
In the Sun She and Him
Mr. Jones Counting Crows
Beautiful Life Ace of Base
Bitches... Ben Folds
Seasons in the Sun Terry Jack
The Chain Ingrid Michaelson

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