Thursday, March 31, 2011

how to bag it

make one too

I finished work and was excited to attend an Etsy craft night. However, taking into account travel and the possibility of no city parking, I realized I would get there with no time to make a bag. So I did what I could. I used my at home resources and downloaded the instructions online. I was motivitated to do what I set out to do even if it meant from another place; my heart was still in the same place.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

be a failure sometimes

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

there's no business like ...

Sometimes I feel like Lucille Ball scheming for ways to "make it". I doll myself up, often put on a show, and try to follow through for the sense of keeping the ideas going.
I am happy to have started this and as I have learned from the people at SCORE as well as my latest HerHattan interview:

( ) you must give your heart to what you believe in otherwise it will never have yours or anyone else's attention.

Monday, March 28, 2011

"I can't control my brain..."

This song always makes me smile as the weather changes and I change with it.

When you are younger, you often believe that the moon follows you home as you ride watching it from the window of the car. But with the sun, maybe it can be true. Sunshine can change you and take you where you need to go. It will be there when you get home and usually follows you along the way.

... This song also makes me think of this
Holiday in the Sun Poster
thanks MK and A for the awesome soundtrack

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Budget help

Four-Step Budget Template Last Updated:

Brought to you by Jenny Blake, {Insert date here}

Reference the original post:

Note: Enter amounts in Column B and the totals will automatically calculate.

Step 1: Income

This includes: paychecks, side jobs, anything that brings money into your bank account. Notes:

Income Source: {Fill in Name}

Income Source: {Fill in Name}

Income Source: {Fill in Name}


Step 2: Must-Have Expenses

This includes: Rent, utilities, cell phone bills, anything that will incur late fees. Includes other essentials like groceries and automatic savings account deductions. Saving is a must! Notes:

Rent or Mortgage


Cell Phone Bill

Savings 1

Savings 2

Other (add rows as needed)


Step 3: Nice-to-Have Expenses

This includes: things that you KNOW you spend money on every month like going out to eat.This does not include: one-off purchases (like a TV), major shopping trips, major travel (unless you take frequent weekend trips). Notes:

Going out to eat (estimate)

Fill in...


Step 4: Allowance

"Subtract your total expenses from your income to get your allowance. This is the money left-over each month for you to spend as you'd like - shopping, weekend trips, etc.

For bigger purchases, you may want to start a separate savings account and add that deduction to your ""must have"" column.

To get a weekend allowance, divide this number by four. If you're really serious, take the ""weekend budget"" amount out in cash to monitor your spending even more closely. "


from "Hot Broke Messes"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

love from yoga journal


Make a mud pie

Ulysses, Orion, and Sam's recipe to feed the bear

Both big and little handfuls of:
dried dirt
dead grass
1 cup water
scattered liberally

Sometimes wherever you go, no matter how old you are, there are times to get down on your knees and discover that no matter how messy things get, you can clean up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Begin to speak

I have, over the past few weeks, sent several text messages to G-d.
The keypad # 463. Not so much in desperation or prayer, with no
expectation or demand. One word: "hello". More so, as a conversation


Samantha Tuchfeld

The nearness of Adventure

The definition of adventure like the season changes due to the
condition of the skies. When I first started this blog, I believed it
to mean experiences that were both extraordinary and insightful. As my
experiences grew my perspective has also changed. Although I still
believe this definition I also see not every adventure is intentional
and welcomed.
In these months, I hear adventures described in hospital rooms, bank
checking lines, even car dealership advertising. The components of
life seem to be an adventure. We are more adventurous than an image
of Indiana Jones; we are real. And with each reality there comes a
sweeping sense of renewal in the experiences we gain.
-- Samantha Tuchfeld

Monday, March 21, 2011

laugh at your desk

As I ready myself for the day, I also learn more about my likes and dislikes. It is an adventure in itself to believe in your own changing disposition as well as the hope that you are worthy of such wonderful faith.  I realize that I am not a "desk person". As a student, I never did homework at a desk rather sat on the floor or read lying belly pressed to the carpet, feet dangling in the air. But even as I work I am reminded that not all things are permanent, Mondays, jobs, situations. We are constantly changing and moving to what is right. 
Work means energy moved and I am working so that I can go as far as I can go.  But at the same time, I am honoring the first thing I mentioned which is to have faith in myself. In order to do so, I must then try my best and work hard. Despite not being a desk person, I laugh at the beauty of starting the week and the fact that I don't work here. Enjoy Carol!

Friday, March 18, 2011

id be lying if i didnt say the way the seasons change so rhythmically made me heart sick. Adventures truly come in time. Just in time.
there are some adventures that involve suffering. TO all places you will go, there is a journey to get where you need to be.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a map of where you'd like to be

I recently went away on a day trip, one of my favorite activities with one of my favorite people.  It was a great ride to get out of the travels on the daily cycle.  There I laughed, walked, and photographed my explorations. Every now and then it is important to act as a tourist even if you can not get away, even if you are only traveling to the next state, town, or city. You can also be a tourist wherever you already are. This is a map torn from the hotel's phone book ( no tattling, okay?).  You can make your mark just by truly seeing all you can, and being where you need to be.
You can too draw up a map  and put yourself on it.
You are here. What will you do with your time here?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every now and then we all could use the motivation of another's words. It is an affection that speaks to us. Sign up for weekly happy thoughts from this blog!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Follow your heart

There is a half to every whole.
For Valentine's Day, I asked my students to think of their hearts as they moved through the postures and to honor themselves. A sticker placed at their heart center was just a gentle reminder to my very wonderful special needs class.  In the middle of everyone there is something unique. But also, it can be a reminder that we are not so different in how we tick. We each are stuck to how our heart guides us.

What we learn about "The Beginning" has to do with our beginning and is a good place to start. To light there is a shadow. Hellos and goodbyes are measured equally both uncertain and hopeful.

When we follow what we KNOW both accepting the truths and mistruths of ourselves, can we say we are following our heart?

playlist for the season shifter

I am consistently wooed by the season through the songs that have and
will continue to fill my Spring. Despite the change of time and
Daylight Savings ( which I can never remember how to do each year)
there is something internal about Spring. When you are taken to
another opportunity and a new season you can`t help but feel excited.
Here is your chance to repeat and grow/ grow and repeat. Overwhelmed
with renewal can be taken one song at a time until you are only
listening to the next day unfold
1. Nothing Better Postal service
2. seek up dave matthews
3. California girls the beach boys
4. uptown girl billy joel
5. cat stevens before his big move to the middle east
6. maroon 5 songs about jane album specific
7. story of a girl
8. all for you
sister hazel
9. blues traveler circa the 90s
10. beatles everything and anything from the ed sullivan show to yokos arrival
11. your favorite 90s movie soundtrack. Be inspired by what you see
hear and know to love. You will then remember if you forget!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

be the line leader of your life. even if you are in no position to follow.

Friday, March 11, 2011

adventure is a voice. have one but sound like yourself.
believe in something try as you might. its sometimes faith religion love but always reassuring

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

searching for Japan

Not so long ago but on a day that seems very far away I was told of
uncertainty but taught to confide in myself. At Binghamton still, this
woman told me that I had to work for myself and give time to that job.
How once her husband had just been a man who took her hands in his as
she told him of where she had been, how she got there, and her time
spent in Japan. "Japan", he said " I never looked in Japan".
To all my adventurers this is what I have found you will get to where
you are going. There are short cuts and detours even traffic lights.
People will try to stop you and others may follow you but again I
truly believe to get where you are going you can only go. In the time
since this story, I didnt know where / what I would find the things I
was so determined in searching for. In its own time and way I have
discovered: a path ahead only scattered with stones, love, friendship,
faith, a job and a passion, money saved and money wasted, forgiveness
and gratitude. These things happened not as I thought but so quick
before I could think. You must search only for the adventure then and
find what you know you deserve. A place to be and keep...


Samantha Tuchfeld