Monday, March 14, 2011

playlist for the season shifter

I am consistently wooed by the season through the songs that have and
will continue to fill my Spring. Despite the change of time and
Daylight Savings ( which I can never remember how to do each year)
there is something internal about Spring. When you are taken to
another opportunity and a new season you can`t help but feel excited.
Here is your chance to repeat and grow/ grow and repeat. Overwhelmed
with renewal can be taken one song at a time until you are only
listening to the next day unfold
1. Nothing Better Postal service
2. seek up dave matthews
3. California girls the beach boys
4. uptown girl billy joel
5. cat stevens before his big move to the middle east
6. maroon 5 songs about jane album specific
7. story of a girl
8. all for you
sister hazel
9. blues traveler circa the 90s
10. beatles everything and anything from the ed sullivan show to yokos arrival
11. your favorite 90s movie soundtrack. Be inspired by what you see
hear and know to love. You will then remember if you forget!

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