Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things are always working out for me

It is important to find your mantra. What does that mean exactly?

 Each day when you wake up, you must find something that helps you put the world in your view. For some, this is an image that sends positive thoughts throughout your body. For others, it is a passion and place to be.
A mantra is a how to guide for your attitude. It is a short phrase that gets you back on track and sums up your thinking.
 Nike has "Just do it". It is embossed on their fabrics and stamped on each new ad. This phrase has created their brand and their no nonsense drive to success.

For you, however, the words you choose can help to brighten your day and illuminate not only where you go but  your perspective along the way.
These motivational thoughts may change as you do and may no longer serve you, so feel free to explore different and multiple inspirations.

This article was shared with me and I'd like to pass it along!  It reminded me to breathe, pause, and decide to go.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Humpday Happiness Playlist

Keane- Somewhere only we know
Yael Naim- New Soul
Feist- 1234
Beatles- Ob la di...
Nada Surf- Always Love
Jackson Browne- Somebody's Baby
Cat Stevens- Sing out
The Kooks - Naive
Blues Traveler- Hook