Monday, March 21, 2011

laugh at your desk

As I ready myself for the day, I also learn more about my likes and dislikes. It is an adventure in itself to believe in your own changing disposition as well as the hope that you are worthy of such wonderful faith.  I realize that I am not a "desk person". As a student, I never did homework at a desk rather sat on the floor or read lying belly pressed to the carpet, feet dangling in the air. But even as I work I am reminded that not all things are permanent, Mondays, jobs, situations. We are constantly changing and moving to what is right. 
Work means energy moved and I am working so that I can go as far as I can go.  But at the same time, I am honoring the first thing I mentioned which is to have faith in myself. In order to do so, I must then try my best and work hard. Despite not being a desk person, I laugh at the beauty of starting the week and the fact that I don't work here. Enjoy Carol!

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