Tuesday, March 1, 2011

searching for Japan

Not so long ago but on a day that seems very far away I was told of
uncertainty but taught to confide in myself. At Binghamton still, this
woman told me that I had to work for myself and give time to that job.
How once her husband had just been a man who took her hands in his as
she told him of where she had been, how she got there, and her time
spent in Japan. "Japan", he said " I never looked in Japan".
To all my adventurers this is what I have found you will get to where
you are going. There are short cuts and detours even traffic lights.
People will try to stop you and others may follow you but again I
truly believe to get where you are going you can only go. In the time
since this story, I didnt know where / what I would find the things I
was so determined in searching for. In its own time and way I have
discovered: a path ahead only scattered with stones, love, friendship,
faith, a job and a passion, money saved and money wasted, forgiveness
and gratitude. These things happened not as I thought but so quick
before I could think. You must search only for the adventure then and
find what you know you deserve. A place to be and keep...


Samantha Tuchfeld

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