Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flour Child

Ulysses and I make flour beads.
I had been meaning to try this "how to" for sometime and spending a rainy afternoon with my baby cousin seemed like the perfect opportunity. I recommend however trying a messy project like this one with someone who is over 4 years old and more willing to help with clean up or "bear with me" through the mixing process . One thing I learned was that children are not afraid in the name of having fun. Afraid to literally and figuratively dig right in even if you are unsure this mess will work out.We had a great time and made bagel shape beads/toys for his breakfast and tool shaped flour toys in honor of the wonderful Bob the Builder.

When using this recipe try the paste may feel a little sticky. Try rubbing flour on your hands and setting aside a clear workspace. Also the more water you use the stickier the dough.


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