Thursday, December 16, 2010

how to tie it together

A counselor at heart, I learned that summers come in candy colors, bright reds and blues, deep purples, and neon yellows. They find their way onto shiny bathing suits, the terrycloth of beach towels, the stain of paint on your fingers. But most of all, I love the way the summers mean spools of string to tie around your friends wrist. When  I was younger, it took me a while to learn how to make a friendship bracelet. The tying of the knots, the quickness of the fingers, and the balance of moving one string into the next for a woven pattern.  I used cardboard and safety pins to hold it all in place. Now that it's winter, I still yearn for the simple jewelery that every camper coveted. The anklets adorned until they fray beneath your clothes.
Each bracelet is unique, even if you follow the same pattern and use the same string. At home, I have one large spool that comes undone in two parts. From the tops and around, it changes colors so that within one extended yard there are three or four vibrant changes in the spectrum. 
I often find myself unraveling the string to create one, in the few stitches I know, though the summer has ended.
In hopes that whatever season they are most fashionable, we'll always have someone to want to give it to, who'll take it, tie it around themselves and wear it til it frays. 

Here is a great tutorial for one:

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