Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remember how to do anything you want

When I was a kid I believed I could be anything I wanted. In fact, I was told by anyone who met me that I would. I went to school, and graduated with different degrees and became to some degree that adult. This was I knew, what I was supposed to do. But now that I am finished with school for the time being, I often wonder where to be in the mean time.
Some in my generation, myself included are not so sure about falling of a time line. The I want to be a "... when I grow up" may be right now.  I know I'd like a nice house, a family, things that motivate me to say "I've arrived". What I learned is there is no arriving. Because what would I do when I get there? I have to believe that everyday while I am getting there I am also there.
There is only stop. There is only go. These two things are interchangeable and in the decision I make I try my best to say a mix of both "yes" and "no".  If I were little once again, I think my ideas wouldn't change. In longing, I am always that girl. I want to be a writer, sister, teacher, dancer, artist, daughter,collector, flower grower, folk singer, hippi, inventor, business owner, animal lover, wife, mother, and friend. If I am not already, I can be. 

I love this video :)

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