Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What do you see yourself doing? It's not only important to imagine the outcome but the daily attention it takes to achieve your goal.
Can you believe in your life with what you'd like to achieve?
So many questions... :)

Here are some ideas instead:
When making a list of where you'd like to go and what adventure to choose next be SMART

  • Specific- precise, and specified. who what where when why
  • Measurable- clear goal, what is it exactly you'd like to achieve?
  • Achievable- that can be worked towards and do not set yourself up for failure. what's your plan? 
  • Realistic- be honest with yourself, can it realistically happen under all these set terms?
  • Timeable- time frame for structure
I've realized it's not important to simply find out your dream. Dreams are nice however, you feel like the possibilities can take you wherever you'd like to be. But the real adventure is to find out if you can make it happen; If you are willing to work towards the destination and grow towards the tiny seed you've planted in your own head.

But don't forget, the most trusted method for finding out what you want is believing in yourself to deserve exactly what you need.

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