Saturday, April 23, 2011

Before summer comes, feel like a kid

Kids by MGMT

This song takes me back to this summer at Lollapalooza. I danced with friends and strangers in long expansive clump. Covered in sweat, sunscreen, and our prized 3 day wristbands we stood stomping up and down singing. In the summer, I am reminded to be light. Though I have seen tragedy and stress in my work and personal life during the summer I will always cherish the pre-Summer bliss. The weeks and hours that tick beneath my skin and pulsate before I get the chance to stand with the sun. I do admit there are nights I can't sleep and days I wish to go to bed before ready. Days that catch in my throat like a cold because I have worked hard, have looked in all directions and have no words to decide where to next go. With a change in season and weather I hold onto my summer songs and feel light. Changes are happening. I must believe that I, like the weather move on with the days. Weather that can not often be predicted but trusted with a sundress, dark glasses, or a parasol.
More songs and singers for the "pre" of hope.

Colorblind- Counting Crows
More than words- Extreme
Billy Joel
Blues Traveler
Beatles- J says if you land on their songs it is hard to change the station
Beach Boys
Heat Wave- Martha and the vandellas
Oh what a night- Franki Valli

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