Saturday, December 24, 2011

love at the holidays

there are evenings i am startled into sleep. others, i stir, watching slowly, reluctantly, as the morning turns over in the sky. the night has covered over me before i hit the alarm and begin again. i was afraid to put in words any part of your story because i knew once on paper it would have to end. i was angry that to be heartbroken i had to lose a piece of my dialogue- the way you brought the words out, our lovely exchanges etched into my skin. i was afraid so worried even in its telling i would close a door i was not ready for. but with that same expression, i will live with your love very fluidly in the person i become. where i go i will take each piece you gave me, and be the friend you knew. i will teach my first class with you there. i will laugh, cry, move from one home to another city. your life is in my love. and it will always grow. there is something new each day about bringing that light along. yes, i can even see it.

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