Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halves and Wholes

One thing I've realized is that as people
we do things that seem like set backs in order to grow
we cut our hair
we clean out closets,boxes, homes

We do this because at the end of the day our things do not grow as quickly as we do.

But in the face of change,I've realized, it is important not to feel broken because when you split yourself along.
Good people make more love, not "just enough". People enter our lives, we invite them, we celebrate them by opening ourselves to this relationship. In the process, it may feel as if our heart is breaking. I was frightened once.
and sometimes.
 We don't know what staying open, expanding can do to us.

But in school, I was taught to share.  Looseleaf paper, lunch table spots, and boxball squares. Like please, thank you, yes, no. These words found a way in, until I need not be reminded, until I didn't need to be asked. As a sister, I learned too there are somethings you were not meant to share. But both ways started with a trust,  you and the other person, together through give and take, were somehow a pair.

Wherever you go, I hope you take in. I hope you find your pieces, your halves of halves and halves.

One of my favorite pairs below

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