Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love bugs

On a whim this past summer, I decided to make kefir yogurt from a starter kit I had been given last spring semester ( Yogourmet, available online and in most health food stores). Kefir has incredible probiotics and cultures ( "bugs") that are beneficial to overrall health. Of course, when I say "whim", I mean I was super eager to try it, so when my friend Mike shared this excitement about trying to make the somewhat pricey yogurt and . I squealed "come over". Mike and I were also semi-curious as to how to ferment kefir during the summer time. Specifically, how to do it in a way that we didn't get sick. The trick is let the milk spoil.
After years of being conditioned to put the milk back in the fridge, I finally left the milk out.
The pot below held the "heated" milk that needed to be brought to boiling point.

Throughout Mike's visit, I was unable to look away from the container. The instructions were simple enough: take a quart of milk, boil it, and then mix a packet of the kefir starter kit into a smaller dish containing cooled milk.
After that, we had to wait.

Wait for the yogurt cultures to have a disco party in my mother's tupperware in a dark spot in the cabinet for 24 hours. Then place in in the fridge and use within the next week. 
All in all, the result was a little tangy but a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon.

Good luck in your experiments, don't let the bad "bugs" come.

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