Saturday, September 11, 2010

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9 years ago
On August 11th 2001, I made a wish while staying at the World Trade Center Marriott Hotel.  After being invited by my middle school for an all girls pseudo miss teen competition . The experience is a separate blog post entirely, but I will say in those weeks before 9/11- the fears and sorrows associated with losing our American heart,I explained to a room full of people what it felt like to be young and hopeful.
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" a judge in creme colored suit asked me as I sat nervously starring into her eyes.  A reoccurring theme even now, years later, I wasn't sure exactly what to tell her. In these situations, I've found it best to start with the truth.
"I haven't decided yet but I just want to help people". Later, I stood in the various hotel windows observing the skyline, watching people go, smaller and slower moving as they moved away from me. I wondered if I would be out there too, doing as I had said. Making a difference, working to help these working people while they were close by.

Today I sang out loud in my house. With what started as a hum, until it filled my breath and came out as a song these were thoughts under my skin.

I've got you under my skin- Frank Sinatra've+Got+You+Under+My+Skin:17207:s620596.9635604.12492569.0.2.65%2Cstd_f91270262c5341708ee0fff6bb9254e3

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