Wednesday, October 20, 2010

love got back

The other day I thought about the way in which my mother had friends come and go in her life. Most often the ones who had love were trying to come back into to her life. People who she had lost ties with or had falling outs.  We all have these people in our lives. The ones who drift from us, the ones we leave. It may be intentional and it may be at no one's fault.  But here I was, watching these women who were somehow finding their way back to her, wanting to be included in the ones she loves.
Unlike her mother before her, the notion to repair love seems unsensable. Doubt was slowing to her, and regret hurt too much to stop.
But my mother's love is like osmosis. It is fluid and comes through, something you want and even if you have it, hope it always comes back.

The other night I was reunited with a friend. She had surprised me( followed my life and facebook, honestly) and sat in the front and to the left of my very first show. From the curtains I could see, she had made an effort just to find me. She brought flowers and she was there, as I had done for her several times before at her performances, until I didn't see much of her anymore. For nothing in return, but...

Maybe what we all really want, if we are not in too big of a hurry or if we are willing to look lost is that sometimes it's worth the stop. Worthwhile to know that an old friend can still make us smile. That this person is still there to make us laugh and when we do,  maybe that person will see us and remember to smile too.

 Cause maybe together we are not that different after all

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