Friday, November 26, 2010

Fall into the sun

I've always said you must find your place in the sun
because I think wherever we are going you must take in some of that light. Once, while visiting my father years ago, while his father was alive and I was his appointed cemetery tour guide, I stood between two stones propped against a strong thick tree. My estranged grandfather with his head up at the sky looked away from me and then to the tree. This tree, he said was taking the sun away from his son. It should go he muttered if it were to block the light. I thought but no it was so beautiful. It was so alive.
This tree has long branches and to look at it is to look at fingers spread wide. The sunshine will find its way to my father. It will find it's way to where it should fall.  Our lives are highlighted and so we will be able to find our way; we will always get our place in the sun.
There are things that get in way of what we see so brightly. Shadows form with even a slightest bit of dust.

Thanksgiving is a benchmark of a Happy ----day greeting because it reminds us to clear away our "muck", to take a break and think of what in our lives truly makes us happy for ourselves.

Above is a charm I received in the mail from my dear friend. It is just a simple sun, but it hangs off my wrist for her and me both. It is a reminder that sometimes our joy comes from others and sometimes it comes at our own hands. Most of the time it is both, so be careful and look.

The hardest thing, I used to say, was not only convincing ourselves that we are worthy of our own affection but also making it stick. This essentially will help us to get stuck to ...
stuck to peace love and life
because with those things you've got quite the adventure.

Thanks for reading!

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

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