Saturday, November 13, 2010

how to eat from the trees

Last month, I left the state. I traveled two buses a train and one crowded mini van to go apple picking in the country. Apple picking is one of my most favorite Fall activities. What makes it so fun is this idea of renewal, growth and of course selection of "good".  Together with light jackets abandoned for nice weather and fields of grass meant for us to roam, we become explorers who have reached their destination.  This is an activity that changes each year I do it. Who I am with, where, even I have changed from the wondering child in the apple fields to one who wonders with them. It is an activity that becomes a tradition because it celebrates not only the season but the passing of it.  I will always love the Autumn and what it brings before it leaves. This year, Ulysses and I sat, resting our bellies on the grass, eating apples from the trees, careful of the seeds, and finding the "good ones" before we had to leave.

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