Friday, November 12, 2010

a lego piece for each of us building a beginning

To my fellow yogi adventurers- I've told my teacher trainees this before
I can't stress enough how important this training is to me. You see I spent four years away at college growing into myself, loving/learning who I am, but more so following where this person should be next. But now that I am finished what I realized is that you must be willing to make and follow your own guidelines.
To be honest,  at first, my confidence were hurt. I had been so many different hobbies/goals combined. I didn't know where to start. I learned the bittersweet of happiness; that yes, I can be anything I want, but I can't be everything.
When friends and family ask me what I will be next I tell them of my journey right now. Because each day I spend thinking of each one you I feel strong right now. I feel strong because you are inspirational women. Women who try new things, run businesses, raise families, have gone back to school, picked up and moved to another state, another country. You are teachers, mothers, friends, and wives, even FBI agents, and marathon runners. You're crafty and compassion and together we share our weekends, our yoga practice, and our goal to be present for those two things.
And so I thank you because Laurie said that transitions are so important, important because we can get hurt more easily. But this time, I am learning to flow.

Today I say it to you. Find where you can flow and don't just let it take you, but go and let go.
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  1. Wonderful post Sam! See you tomorrow, maybe you should bring our blocks to the final for good luck! :-)