Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Move through December with song

I know I am in a good mood when I think of a song. A moment where I am both lost to the chatter of my own head and the busyness of the outside world. I link the chords in my mind and sometimes hum along. 

December is a time when we feel a sense of longing and a sense of rush.  It is a time, when we want warmth both from the changing weather and from the holidays that draw us to look inside ourselves. Perhaps this is why radio stations play holiday music so early in the season and so frequently. We hear the holidays play out in us, evoking us to arrive. Songs that not only take us through the holidays and the last month of the year, but carry us to it.

Either way  December takes us inside and with this new direction comes my motivation for a playlist.
The finality of another year passes too. I listen more carefully believing and more so hoping that the beginning will be where I choose to start. Starting with one song then moving on. I encourage you to play them out and find out where they can move you.

a non holiday mix

Save Room- John Legend
Turn turn, turn - The Byrds
Dedicated to the one I love- Mamas and the Papas
In my place-Coldplay
Dreams-Fleetwood Mac
Clean Getaway- Maria Taylor
Across the Universe- Fiona Apple
Something- The Beatles
I feel it all- Feist
Just for Now- Imogen Heap
Samson-Regina Spektor
The Hat- Ingrid Michaelson
If you fall- Azure Ray
Breakdown- Jack Johnson
With Arms Outstretched- Rilo Kiley

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